Working With You

As your life evolves, not only does your financial strategy become more complex, but your options for implementing it increase as well. At Vigil Wealth Management, we use a goals-based process that measures success by how you’re progressing toward meeting the goals most important to you. This thoughtful approach enables us to design and implement appropriate strategies to guide you in pursuing financial success. 

Step 1: Understanding You
We begin with an in-depth conversation to understand your goals and the goals of your family, the concerns you have and what you ultimately would like to achieve.

Step 2: Analyzing Your Needs
Next, we review your current and future financial situation, identify the likelihood of reaching your goals, and address any potential shortfalls or the impact of unexpected life events. In this step, we’ll also reach out to your CPA and estate attorney to understand your existing tax and estate plans, so we can coordinate our strategies.

Step 3: Tailoring a Solution for Your Specific Goals
Here, we’ll prepare a comprehensive wealth management plan that addresses your individual income and cash flow needs, investment objectives and guidelines, and risk/return parameters.

Step 4: Implementing Your Plan
With our guidance, you’ll have access to a comprehensive array of strategies, services and programs that work in tandem to help seek to grow, preserve and transfer your wealth, while remaining aligned with your personal goals and aspirations. 

Step 5: Monitoring Results Against Your Goals
We oversee your progress on a daily basis and review the performance through ongoing calls and meetings. We may recommend adjustments over time, due to changing market conditions or changes in your circumstances, to help keep you on track towards achieving your goals.